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The Artful Menders was created out of a desire to build a more sustainable approach to fashion by repairing and re-purposing well loved garments. Our aim is to give them a new lease of life and stop them being thrown away.

We can alter, mend and up-cycle your clothing or turn pre-loved clothes into keepsakes like cushions or blankets.

We can use matching stitches and colours to repair your items if you prefer a more discreet mend. Or we could use more unique ‘visible mending’ with traditional craft techniques like Sashiko or darning which doesn’t hide the fact your garment has been repaired - instead highlights it, celebrates it and tells its story.

What stories do your garments tell, and how can they be preserved to say more about you?



We pride ourselves in being able to repair all manner of items and have taken on the new mantra "no item is too small or too strange"...

Our team have a range of experience to tackle everything from the intricate and the obscure, to the bold and the unique with many years experience in industry.

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Director & Mender

Emma's career in Live Event/TV prop/costume & model making means she's best suited to the intricate hand mends and darns. She creates all of the social and brand content as well as sorting the orders, so if you email you will most likely chat to her!

Unrivalled Skillz - Knocking up an Instagram post whilst darning a sock!

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Co-Founder & Mender

Cathy's sewing wizardry and calm nature means she's perfect to tackle any technical mend or alteration. An expert seamstress she also works in bridal wear after a career in Film and TV costume production.

Unrivalled Skillz - Upcycling something from nothing and having a go at everything!

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Ellie is a dab hand at alterations with her extensive background in millinery and bridal wear. The precision needed for this means that her mends are beautiful too!

Unrivalled Skillz - Fabulous knee repairs and awesome alterations!

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Sue has joined us with a great deal of personal sewing experience and a specialism in bra repair. She can turn her hand to any fiddly mend with a cool head and years of experience. 

Unrivalled Skillz - Queen of beautiful cuffs & hems and unfazed by any request!

We are grateful to the wonderful community we have locally including our brilliant drop off shops The Cupboard/Refill Project and The Kingshill Kitchen.

We are always looking to connect and if you would like to collaborate with us or think we can share ideas or resources please get in touch.